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I'm a freelance graphic designer working in Melbourne, Australia.
I specialise in design for print and web and I'm always interested in talking about new and exciting projects!


Hey there! My name is Kori Lewis.

I currently split my time as a primary school teacher and a freelance designer, working from my home studio in Melbourne, Australia. While being worlds apart, I find the boundaries of my two professions blur constantly − forever learning, problem solving, collaborating and curiously exploring the world around.

I'm a lover of typography, a maker and doer, with a passion and knowledge of colour and composition. Tactile by nature, I relish in wonderfully printed somethings and nothings. Filling my home with collections of beautiful design, I take note of the finer details in life.

When I'm not hanging out with George (gorgeous bf) and my awesome family & friends, my spare time is spent admiring the work of brilliant creatives and finding myself on a boundless quest to become one too.


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